Introducing xbim flex

Making building information flow

The platform for making digital information flow between people who design, construct and operate built assets

Getting your building data to the people who need it


Share your Building Models, Plans, Sections, Elevations and Schedules in a single coherent package with all the people you need to communicate with.

Share models, documents and data in seconds

With Flex you can save time coordinating information and completely automate how you share BIM information with your colleagues, clients and suppliers. No problems with incompatible software versions and no need for third party software installation.

All the power of email - greater reliability and none of the pain

Flex gives your email super-powers by fully integrating your BIM designs into your e-mail messages! Don’t clog your inbox with drawings & models. Easily track, audit and retain your email conversations.  

Control Documentation

Flex automatically produces a coherent package of model, documents and data containing just the information you want to share. No fear of drawings showing different data from models and schedules. No fear of sending data out you didn’t mean to.

Secure by design

We’re hosted in secure world-class UK data-centres. You’re always in control of who has access to your data & models, and a full access audit trail is automatically created for you.


Flex is built entirely on Open Standards, and exclusively uses OpenBIM formats. Our platform is designed for anyone to use to build applications and integrations on.

Cloud Ready

Flex is built for the modern web. It’s self serve, secure and free for individual users, with cost effective plans for commercial use.

Communicate your building data easily and quickly

Start sharing building data with ease

Delivering usable building data to people who need it

We are world-leading experts in the technologies behind BIM. Our goal is to be the digital building information platform of choice for owners and managers of buildings assets, and the organisations in their procurement chains. 

xbim aim to liberate building data to deliver value to those who work, operate, live in and use buildings and infrastructure.