Case Studies

xBIM enables the creation of middleware that facilitates the interoperability between different BIM tools.  This interoperability is achieved by transferring data between the applications via an open-standard format: IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). 

In the Case Studies below, we list out the various middleware that have been created using The xBIM Tookit.

The iCIM (Interoperable Carbon Information Modelling) Project
iCIM is a collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) online tool that facilitates carbon assessment of a building, by informing designers regarding their decisions and impact of their decisions throughout the building life-cycle.

By combining compliance checking for energy performance with carbon embodiment and building modelling data, the resulting building is a zero-carbon and low-impact building.  
Read the full case study here.
4BIM is a £1.2 million project jointly funded by the Technology Strategy Board and its commercial partners. The goal of the project is to provide capabilities that will help the construction sector to meet the UK Government’s target for all public sector construction projects to be utilising collaborative BIM by 2016 (Level 2 on the Bew-Richards BIM maturity index).  

4BIM is a Building Information Modelling (BIM) online tool that uses Cloud Technology to deliver a range of BIM Services, in order to facilitate collaborative working between different project teams using open-standard data: IFC files.  Read the full case study here.

nbs National BIM Library
The National BIM Library is a free online library consisting of BIM objects such as walls, windows, doors, foundations, cladding, roofs in IFC format and formats for use in Autodesk Revit, Bentley, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and Teckla.

These BIM objects have been created into IFC files by using the xBIM toolkit as the main underlying technology. Read the full case study here.
IFC Xplorer (stand-alone and web)
The xBIM Xplorer is a free, open-source IFC viewer that comes in two versions: stand-alone and web version.

The xBIM Xplorer was created to demonstrate the capabilities of The xBIM Toolkit.
Read the full case study here.
COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange)
In June 2011, the UK Government announced its BIM Working Party Strategy that states the requirement for all its construction projects to be using 3D BIM by the year 2016. At the beginning of this 5-year program, the total requirement for the first year is that every project should have a "spreadsheet containing as much information about a building in as complete and as useful form as possible". This spreadsheet is known as COBie - Construction Operations Building Information Exchange.

To meet this requirement, the xBIM Toolkit is currently being developed to include functionalities that will support COBie throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Read the full case study here.